This website uses text mining algorithms to extract the political insights from the presidential addresses of “State of the Union” speeches of every president over a period of 25 years. We then project these insights and trends on interactive dashboards. Our goal is to assist in finding a correlation between the most frequent words that appear in the presidential state of the union addresses and the trends in the issues facing our country. We could say that emphasis on a particular word in a speech, implies some important trend or issue in that year.
Built the website using BootStrap, JQuery & ChartJS. Text mining based on Python's Beautiful Soup and data filtered using Hadoop Mapreduce.


There are three types of interactive dashboards in our application so far.

President's Term

This section allows us to find trends and gain political insights over a President's entire term. We also have options to choose among various supported chart types displayed on the dashboard.

Yearly Trends

This section displays the words and trends per year. Yearly data would be helpful in finding the change in trends that happen every year.


Compare two Presidents to find out about the priorities of those Presidents. In other words, we could also find the major problems faced by the country over a President's term.

“The welfare of our country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed, and I shall derive great satisfaction from a cooperation with you in the pleasing though arduous task of insuring to our fellow citizens the blessings which they have a right to expect from a free, efficient, and equal government.”

- President George Washington, Jan. 8, 1790 (First State of the Union address)